Evidence 4 Change is a series of publications designed for development practitioners, leadership, grant writers, communicators and advocates. It equips you with evidence-based practices, including their results and the theory of change or action behind them, in a friendly format that helps you to implement them in your context as well as provide excellent content for proposals and discussions with donors or other public engagement.

  • Evidence 4 Change are the practices with the most rigorous data. In each of these practices, the theory of action was validated in such a way that World Vision is confident that if the practice were to be replicated elsewhere, the desired change could be achieved again.
  • Promising 4 Change are also evidence-based publications, but often evidence from a practice implemented with a smaller geographic scope. The results are very promising, but the process by which the evidence was built does not yet guarantee that the same level of change would always be achieved in other locations. The initial findings, however, are worth sharing with you for further exploration.

All practices were designed, implemented and validated by staff working in partnership with national office staff and partners in the field in the context of sector-specific learning hubs in the Middle East and Eastern European region. The contents were designed to speak to the needs of multiple audiences. They are available in short and long formats. There are also MEERx talks, case studies and other types of evaluation reports and fact sheets.