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Child Protection Index

Child Protection Index

We are so pleased to introduce the Child Protection Index (CPI)!

In the first year of World Vision’s new global campaign to end violence against children, It Takes a World, MEERO is pleased to introduce a new monitoring and accountability tool created for civil society to measure a government’s efforts to protect children from violence.

The Index includes 626 indicators drawn from language and articles in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, that scores a government on its policies and actions to prevent and end violence, child trafficking, child labour, discrimination and other violations of child rights.

Last year, World Vision and its civil society partners launched the results of the first ever Child Protection Index in Brussels, scoring nine governments’ actions to protect children. The results provided a detailed reform narrative of each country and comparisons and trends across the nine countries. The results form the basis for our campaign analysis in each national office.

This year, MEER and its partners will launch CPI 2.0 to build comparison data on reform in the nine countries and adapt the Index as a tool that can be used in many different contexts, including fragile states, for monitoring the effectiveness of national level child protection systems and recommendations for systems strengthening. CPI 2.0 will deliver an online web-based platform to reduce implementation costs, effectively standardise data inputs and create analysis to help civil society monitor each country’s efforts towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Target 16.2 promises to end abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence against and torture of girls and boys. The

Index results offer a platform to civil society for unified advocacy and government monitoring on child protection. As World Vision’s new global strategy highlights critical work with multi-stakeholder platforms to advocate for the needs of children, we see the Index as one important tool to monitor government, hold government accountable to their promises and play an important partnership role with governments to make necessary improvements towards greater protection.

We invite you to explore the Index on the Child Protect Index Website

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