Disability Publication

Since 1998, World Vision Romania held a vision for the well-being of children with disability (CwD) and planned strategically toward it. In this vision, CwD living in institutions would be cared for through a creative, innovative model of care, integrated in foster care, not at risk of being abandoned, identified and offered support early, and receiving community-based services. It is this holistic vision that inspired almost two decades of World Vision Romania’s dedicated programming, which first focused on more than 2,000 CwD and their parents in Romania through multiple local area programmes, and then impacted all CwD in Romania through changes to Romania’s system and services.

The purpose of this case study is to learn from this experience and apply the findings to future regional programming in order to enhance World Vision’s technical approaches and programming regarding CwD and therefore enhance the well-being of these vulnerable children. The audience for this case study are development facilitators, technical experts, national and regional office senior leadership teams, partners, and donors.

Please click on this link to view or download the Disability Case Study.

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